Why would he ever need to come home?

31 08 2009

This article shows just one of the MANY perks that Dan’s new job offers….I’ve experienced the food there a couple of times, and all I can say is WOWIE.


Perhaps this article will entice some of you foodie friends to visit us in California. Free gourmet meal anyone?


Roadtrip Honeymoon

17 08 2009


Today marks the end of a one month vacation for Dan between jobs. Immediately after the wedding we didn’t take a honeymoon. Actually, we spent the first 2 weeks of marriage either with house guests or with me out of town traveling with some of my best friends who came internationally for the wedding. It made for an interesting start to things for sure! The next two weeks of marriage we spent merging, purging, and packing our two lives, we’d be heading west soon. Destination: Mountain View California, where we found a charming little condo to rent and Dan procured a version of his dream job as a software engineer for Facebook.

We had a month between jobs, lots of sad midwestern goodbyes to say, and planned to drive first to the east coast, then all the way west to our new home. Week one: Chicago to visit with Dan’s family and some of our best friends who live in the city. Week two: Baltimore to spend a few days with Martha and to attend the wedding of Melissa, a friend of mine from high school. Then we had a pit stop back in Urbana where we said our last goodbyes to my family & many dear friends.

Week three the honeymoon road trip really began as we spent six days driving out west. Our trip would have us starting off on the northern route, then dipping south before heading west. Our last day of driving was due north as we traversed the winding cliffs of coastal highway 1. Major cities that we stayed in or passed along the way included Lincoln NE, Denver CO, Albuquerque NM, Flagstaff & Sedona AZ, & Bakersfield CA. I loved spending literally every moment of that week with Dan, I didn’t wait the drive to ever end.

Here are some of my highlights from the drive:

  • Downtown Lincoln, NE. So full of history and charm.
  • All the wild sunflowers along the road, particularly in Colorado.
  • Listening to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein book on tape. Oh. My. Goodness. This book is amazing and deserves a blog post of its own.
  • Driving into the sunset multiple nights, but most of all the sunset at the NM/AZ border.
  • The hot buffet breakfast at the Hampton Inn in Kingman, AZ. Lets just say I ate a lot of papaya. mmmmmm.
  • Hiking the Jordan Trail in Sedona AZ. The beauty of Sedona is like you’re in a whole different world.
  • Being able to see so far into the distance in the wide open southwest deserts. I loved being able to see it rain miles & miles away, but have it be dry where we were.
  • Seeing all the California crops being grown along the road and getting really, really excited about all the fresh and local produce we’ll have at our fingertips.
  • Listening to the War on Drugs CD really loud as we entered the breathtaking coastal highway 1. Music=Scenery. Perfectly.

To take a photo tour of our travels click here for my album, and if you’re friends with Dan on FB be sure to check out his AWESOME album.

Week four, this past week, has been spent hanging out with Mona and Jiongyi, camping out on the floor for everything (eating, sleeping, relaxing…) until the moving truck came, getting acclimated with the area, and unpacking. More updates to come!

Its been an amazing month!

Coral & Pearls

17 08 2009


Dan and I just reached our two month wedding anniversary. A lot has happened between then and now, but I wanted to post SOMETHING about the wedding before moving on. Two things that summarize my feelings:

1. A quote on marriage from the Baha’i Writings that was read at our wedding:

In this glorious Cause the life of a married couple should resemble the life of the angels in heaven – a life full of joy and spiritual delight, a life of unity and concord, a friendship both mental and physical.  The home should be orderly and well-organized.  Their ideas and thoughts should be like the rays of the sun of truth and the radiance of the brilliant stars in the heavens.  Even as two birds they should warble melodies upon the branches of the tree of fellowship and harmony.  They should always be elated with joy and gladness and be a source of happiness to the hearts of others.  They should set an example to their fellow-men, manifest true and sincere love towards each other and educate their children in such a manner as to blazon the fame and glory of their family.

2. Some of my favorite photos from the day. Our photographer Liza did a phenomenal job capturing the day. She has an unnaturally talented way of manipulating light to capture dramatically beautiful effects. Check out her photography blog by clicking here.

Click on this link for my FB album. Just a few of my many favorites from Liza.