The Engagement

2 02 2009

Dan and I got engaged last night! It wasn’t your typical engagement, that’s just not our style. Here’s how it happened.

Since I got back from Korea the two of us have been discussing what marriage means to us, and working towards preparing ourselves for the engagement. We have been actively investigating and becoming acquainted with each others character, really digging deeper beyond they surface of compatibility, asking lots of hard questions. We have focused a lot of our discussions on preparing for marriage around the Baha’i Writings on the subject.

Dan and I believe that families are the basic building block of society. That the happenings in the family are the happenings in the life of the nation, and conditions surrounding a family surround the nation. We want unity to be our focus at all times, and love and agreement to be manifest. It is based on this though that we believe that in focusing our efforts on this goal, and by always working to ensure unity in our household, we are essentially helping strengthen the moral structure of society.

It is a Baha’i law that for a couple to get married they must obtain the consent of all parents. So when we felt prepared for marriage, we called our parents together for a consultation. The purpose of asking parents for permission goes back to the principle of unity. It is designed to ‘strengthen the social fabric, to knit closer the ties of the home, to place a certain gratitude and respect in the hearts for those who have given them life…’

So yesterday all four of our parents got together so that Dan and I could discuss our vision of marriage with them, and share some inspiring quotes from the Baha’i Writings that we’ve been studying. We felt very prepared and relaxed and ready for whatever might happen. The meeting of our two sets of parents was very joyous and full of love. We could feel the unification of our families beginning. They all happily gave their blessings (and lots of great compliments) and we officially became engaged.