Back in Urbana

27 01 2009

My 3 and a half months of traveling have come to an end. What an experience! In that time I’ve been in 4 countries, 15 States, and can’t even start to count the amount of beds I’ve crashed on. Its been a truly priceless time getting to catch up with so many friends and family members, and experience so many new things.

So, if my traveling has come to an end, does this mean I’m no longer ‘stuck in transition’? Not really. But here’s whats up.

I signed a five month lease in Urbana. I already moved into my place and am ecstatic to have an apartment. Even though its far less than perfect it brings me much happiness to have a space that’s all mine! I am living in East Urbana, right across the street from the middle school off of Vine St. I have a roommate. His name is Badr and he is a 19 year old Intensive English Institute student from Saudi Arabia. So far so good (apart from the *minor* heating issue where he was keeping the thermostat at 75+ degrees. Yikes!) I feel all settled in, comfortable and enjoying spending time there. I am eager now to share the wonderful hospitality that was extended to me during my travels, so come visit. Everyone is welcome to invite yourself over for tea, a meal, a weekend… Please come!

As far as employment goes its looking like I will be starting to Substitute Teach in Urbana Schools as soon as next week. I’m told that there is a need and that I will be kept busy. I really like the idea that its temporary, though. It suits my personality to leave room for daydreaming about a much broader range of trips and interests and whatnot’s to pursue than a traditional 9-5 job would. So thats cool. Plus I’m eager to start working with the kiddies again (this sentiment will likely be reevaluated after day one, but for now I’m looking forward to it).

Then there’s the Dan factor. We’ve done a great job meshing our two lives together (now that I’m back and actually have one!) We take turns cooking for each other and spending evenings at the other one’s apartment. We’ve been having a lot of really focused talks about our future and our spirituality. And we joined a gym. Yay!

The Baha’is are keeping me quite busy, too. Of course.

It feels good to be back.




One response

2 02 2009

Hi! I see that you still have that BUG, the bug I’m developing living now in Japan and working as a teacher. The bug that tells you – omg … while I’m on the way there, why don’t I stop at 5 other places, why don’t I fly to X because I’ve always wanted to and let’s take a road trip to boot. It’s a great bug, I think, because obviously it’s teaching us many things. Like for you, you’re sharing the kindness you were so grateful for on the road.
I just wanted to say Hi from Japan, a mega congratulations on your engagement, and I kinda know how you feel even though for me it hasn’t yet been a full year here.


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