Geography Itch

6 07 2008

As plans for ‘life after Korea’ unfold I’ve found myself daydreaming quite a bit about what’s next. I’ve shared this with a couple of you, but here it is for everyone else. A while back I found myself thinking about how when I move back home and settle into California I will have more time to read, pray, cook, keep in touch with friends, teach myself new things, exercise….. Well, the scary thing was that before I left for Korea I was saying the same exact things. ‘When I’m in Korea I will have more time to….’ NO MORE EXCUSES! I must take control of my life now. And since I noticed the dreadful pattern of procrastination towards being proactive I’ve been much better at seizing the day.

One of the things on my list is keeping up with/continuing to hone my knowledge of Geography. I didn’t want to get rusty because I wasn’t in school anymore, I wanted to stay well read on the latest articles on the array of human geography topics and keep up with being able to locate stuff on the map.

To help with the latter I have found a really cool website that I want to share. So what if I am a geo-dork, online geography games are helpful and fun! So, the website is called Owl & Mouse and it has lots of cool map games that teach you the geography of our wonderful world. I have been particularly addicted to the online map puzzles where you can choose your continent and put the puzzle together country by country. You can pick whether you want political boundaries to show up, or just the outline of the continent. My roommate and I sit next to each other on the couch with our laptops racing to see who can complete the map the fastest (of course I have the ‘no boundaries’ handicap). So much fun!

Are you ready to get geographically literate? Ha.




One response

7 07 2008

Thank you! This is a cool site. Devyn is eagerly awaiting his turn. This is a great tool for our home school. Now, along side the boys, I’ll actually learn some geography too.

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