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28 02 2008

Thomas breaks it down to ABBA

28 02 2008

Meet Thomas, the junior, Korean version of Bob Quinlan


26 02 2008

The new school semester is starting next week, which means that I will have a new kindergarten class as of Monday. Tomorrow is my last day with my current class. I have truly grown to love them! It has been truly rewarding to see each of them progress over the past 5 months and to see their personality develop and their ability to express themselves, both in the English language and otherwise, drastically improve. They have challenged me, but I feel that I have learned so much from them. I am looking forward to a new start with a new class now that I have learned so much.

Well, I could go on and get really mushy, but instead I think that I will just have you watch a little clip of Sally (left) and Michelle (right) singing ‘Lucky’ by Britney Spears. Yep, I taught them everything they know, from the passion in their voice to the drama in their gestures. Everything.

Starship Kimchi

26 02 2008

Check out this article that Dan sent me from The New York Times.



Bjork and B-Boys

19 02 2008

This weekend was full of amazing shows. On Saturday I got to see Bjork on her Volta tour. On the way there I was thinking about how long it had been since I went to a really big concert. I could think of some really great shows that I went to at the Canopy Club the last couple of years, but I couldn’t think of the last time that I had been to a huge concert. I got a bit of a warm and fuzzy feeling all over in anticipation of it all. After a while I started to remember perhaps why it had been so long since I’d been to a show. I hate the waiting before hand, its loud (go figure), and you have to push your way towards the front and crane your neck to see past the tall guy in front of you. I think I am getting a bit to old for it all! A major part of me really wanted to just be curled up on the couch with a cup of tea watching YouTube videos of concerts. It was worth it, though, because her live sound was even better than her recorded albums. She puts on quite a show, costumes, effects, gimmicks, and all!

Then on Saturday my friend Renee and I went to see a Korean B-boy show! It was awesome! It was called ‘The Ballerina Who Loves a B-Boy’ and non-verbal performance piece that is about….well, I’m sure you can figure it out from the title. It was so fantastic and non-stop. The story line was kinda lame, but the energy and talent of the dancers made it so much fun to watch. I took a little video clip, which of course does it no justice, but give you an idea at least. I am not sure how they keep it up for so long, and they really make it look so effortless, too. Like I could have just gotten out of my chair and spun around on my arms if I wanted to. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 02 2008


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I’m really feeling the love this year. Its hard not to when you have such an amazing boyfriend and are surrounded each day by a pack of 7 year olds who think the world of you.

Much love to you all.

Back from Beijing

13 02 2008


So it turns out that Beijing was just what I needed. It was wonderful in so many ways. Most of all it got me away from all the stress at work, and upon returning I feel refreshed and have a new sense of perspective.

Jon was the ultimate host in spite of our tiffs along the way. I know traveling with even your best of friends can be a challenge at times. I wanted to make the most of my time and see as much as I could, though he didn’t feel the same desire to tackle Beijing at full force all in 5 days. We were also working on different budgets, which was a bit of a stressor. We made it all work and by the end of the trip were both really happy with what we did and didn’t do. He took great care of me and was a gracious tour guide (man has he learned a lot of the language. Impressive!) It was so good for my heart and soul to be with such a dear old friend. Jon has always understood me and the timing couldn’t have been better spend 5 days with someone who understands me so well. We also have very similar humor and it felt so good to constantly be cracking each other up! Laughter is healing.

It was really fun to compare and contrast Beijing with Seoul. I felt like the stereotypical immigrant to the USA who starts every sentence with ‘In my country…..’ I was talking about Korea nonstop to Jon (maybe its not all that bad after all). I was surprised to see children peeing on the street in downtown Beijing, and he was surprised when I told him the Korean government doesn’t regulate the amount of sleep and exercise 6 year olds get during the day. No napping in Korea, its straight school then school, then after school school. Beijing is such an archaic city, rich in history. Seoul seems so much more modern, probably because so much of its architectural history was lost in the Korean War. Beijing is getting ready for the summer Olympics. One can tell even without having visited the city before just how much of a transition it is in. Jon told me that there are more construction cranes there than in the rest of the world combined. As far as the final word goes for the two cities, the Chinese are friendlier, but the Koreans have much better style.


There were so many highlights from the trip, seeing the Great Wall ranked among the top. It was absolutely massive and breathtaking. We spent the day that we went there with one of my coworkers, Tegan, and her friend who were also in Beijing during break. It was my favorite day on the trip, probably because it was jammed packed. Along with the Wall we visited a silk factory, jade museum, Ming tombs, and ate a bunch of delicious and strange food. For dinner we went out for a fancy duck dinner, and afterwards we went to an area with lots of street food and tried a bunch of different stuff. Tegan and I were unstoppable trying a million different things, including starfish and scorpion!


There were some disadvantages to traveling during the Lunar New Year. Basically a lot of China closes down for the holiday, so I missed out of some things, and we had to squeeze lots into the end of the trip when stuff started up again. But at the same time there were some advantages too. For example, China sets itself on fire. Now I know that all of you have seen fireworks before, but not like this. Jon and I traveled from one end of the city to the next looking for something to do the night of the New Year. The city was vacant except for those setting it on fire. EVERYWHERE. In down town Beijing, people were going crazy setting off massive amounts of fireworks. It didn’t stop for hours(over 16), days really. The crackle was non stop and it felt like I was in a war-torn country, only it was a little prettier, I guess.

It was really an amazing time and I feel so grateful for the experience. This post hardly starts to summarize my experience. For a collection of some the photos that I took check out my facebook album here.